Our History

The Liberty Home Association can possibly trace its origins to an organization known as the Allgemeiner Deutscher Unterst├╝tzungs Verein, or the Universal German Assistance Club. A newspaper article, appearing on June 9, 1903, stated that the ADUV's "seventy years old picnic will take place at Ohlinger's on July 4, 1903" This would indicate that the ADUV could have been an active organization as early as 1837. In 1903, the German Federation of Hamilton was formed, consisting of seven German-American organizations, representing more than 900 members. The minutes of the first meeting indicate representation from the ADUV. The purpose of the Federation was to unite all Germans and to protect their interests in their adopted country.

As World War I loomed, the German Federation of Hamilton began to lose members. Many of those who had claimed alliance with the German Federation slowly transferred their interests to the Deutscher Hausverein or Liberty Home Association.

As America entered World War I, it became unpopular to claim membership in any organization that retained Germanic customs and lifestyles. On May 5, 1918, it was decided to change the name of the organization to the Liberty Home Association. On July 10, 1919 incorporation papers were drawn and Liberty Home became the legal name of the association, which it retains to this date.

The period between the wars witnessed the Liberty Home Association participating in numerous public, patriotic, community and fraternal activities. The severe immigration policies in place between 1918 and 1945 had an effect on membership. Not until the late 1940s and early 1950s did the German-speaking membership begin to increase.

The Liberty Home Association still retains many of its German related, folksy events, where both young and old members can enjoy their culture.

The Liberty Home Association has given much to Hamilton County and Butler County and still strives to retain, use and preserve German - the real binding force of its existence.