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Welcome to the Liberty Home Association!

The purpose of the Liberty Home Association is to:

  • uphold and preserve the German language, moral laws and customs, as well as due respect of the Constitution of the United states of America,
  • to maintain a "Home" where the members may practice the above named culture, and
  • to have no political or religious obligation and to be a non-profit organization. This is strictly a social club.

The association is particularly proud of its continued support of the many local charitable institutions and support of youth activities where children can learn sportsmanship and moral behavior.

Do I have to speak German, or be of German heritage, to join the Liberty Home Association?  Absolutely not. Our meetings are held in English and membership is open to people of all backgrounds. Although, we do have a German phrase of the month, so chances are, you will learn a little German by coming to our events!

Our club meets on the fourth Friday of every month at 7:00pm.  

Meetings last for an hour and then members are encouraged to stay after the meeting for food, drinks, and fellowship.  Feel free to stop by and check us out!

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